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Business Law

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Business law refers to the rules of conduct that legally govern both buyers and sellers during all business transactions, setting specific boundaries for behaviors in the area of how business is done and how day to day business activities are to be handled in a professional, ethical and legal manner. There are many different situations when you might need a business attorney.

I handle a variety of business law issues in Lakeville, MN, specializing in corporations, partnerships, contracts for deeds and construction laws. Perhaps you need assistance starting a new corporation or a new partnership; I can help you complete the necessary legal paperwork to make sure you get started out on the right foot.

Maybe your partnership is ending and there is a dispute over division of assets, or the sale of the business. You will need good legal representation to ensure you do not become a victim in this situation. I have witnessed far too often situations where the party with representation wins, instead of the party that is morally right. Morally right and legally right are not always one and the same. Having representation can help ensure that you are treated fairly.

I have extensive experience with business law and can help you obtain a satisfactory outcome. Call Glenn Nord Attorney at Law today.

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